Costly nightmares: 1) Ground water seeping into potable water. 2) Potable water disappearing into the surrounding soil. 3) Wastewater or hazardous waste disappearing into surrounding soil. 4) Ground water adding extra volume to wastewater being treated. Put these problems to rest with urethane injection.

Whether you are faced with structural cracking or a failed water stop, these leaks can be stopped using polyurethane and the correct injection technique. The polyurethane we use has been UL listed for use in drinking water systems (ANSI/NSF Standard 61) and is USDA approved to be used in food processing plants.

In hazardous waste environments, polyurethane foams have shown excellent resistance to gasoline, hydrochloric acid 10%, JP-4 fuel, JP-5 fuel, motor oil, sodium hydroxide concentrate, sodium hydroxide 10%, and zylene, just to name a few. Stopping infiltration of ground water or exfiltration of these materials can be achieved with the injection of polyurethane. Additionally, polyurethane "vaults" can be injected around hazardous material to prevent further leaching into the environment.

Our technicians are confined space trained and follow an accident prevention plan. WE DO protect our people and yours.

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