Soil stabilization for excavation, load bearing capacity, shoring, erosion control, even handicap access can be achieved with polyurethane technology—developing compressive strengths up to 10,000 psi, This hybrid polyurethane system is inert when cured, is non-hazardous, and will not pollute.

The method of applying this low viscosity liquid (30 cps), is determined by the application. For dust control, a thin layer of material may be applied directly to the surface. To stabilize a construction excavation site, the material may be pumped to form a polyurethane barrier in the soil. The thicker the layer of material, the higher the degree of strength to be achieved.

Mining technology has been revolutionized by the development of polyurethane soil stabilizers. These stabilizers not only solidify incompetent rock strata; they stop the intrusion of groundwater. In underground mining, it is used in stabilizing new construction and shoring existing tunnels to increase safety and mining production. In surface mining, application of this stabilizer will stop erosion and keep soils and debris out of streams and ponds.

Meeting A.D.A. requirements in public parks without adding intrusive concrete walkways is another use of this soil stabilization system. Landscape architects are creating walkways that blend with the natural surroundings. The possibilities are endless.

Conventional cementicious pressure grouting can be used to stabilize soil, but WE DO recommend polyurethane soil stabilizers because of their versatility, minimally intrusive application, high strength, and moisture barrier qualities.

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