Permanent crack repair that is both a structural repair procedure and a structural preservation procedure.

Deteriorated concrete isn't just unsightly—it can compromise structural integrity.

Historic concrete and masonry require methods that vary from traditional repair.

Costly deterioration can be avoided by attention to visible, early-warning signs.

Restore waterfront property with a proven technique to stop the loss of soil at seawalls and bulkheads.

Stabilization for excavation, load bearing capacity and shoring can be achieved with polyurethane technology.

Addition of additives to cementicious grouts or the injection of polyurethane grouts.

Injecting polyurethane can stop leaks, fill voids, provide structural support, and stabilize soils.

When normal settling goes over the edge, steel piers can restore a building to nearly original condition.

Sometimes partial or full-depth removal of in-place concrete is the best long-term solution.

Polymer modified concrete overlays to completely restore cracked and stained concrete.

Whether it is structural cracking or a failed water stop, put these problems to rest with urethane injection.

Cracks exposed to moisture should be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid more extensive damage.

Carbon fiber reinforcing is a proven strengthening method, with ten times the tensile strength of steel.

Corrosion of reinforcing steel within concrete can be reduced to virtually zero with cathodic protection.

With twenty years experience, our staff can handle your selective demolition, sawing, and drilling needs.

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