Valuable waterfront property can stay that way, with a proven, minimally intrusive technique to stop the loss of soil at seawalls and bulkheads. Over time, seawall and bulkhead integrity deteriorates allowing the surrounding water to wash away soils resulting in dangerous voids. Our solution is one that will permanently repair these conditions and stabilize the surrounding soil.

Settling soil or concrete is the first indication of a problem. Water infiltration begins through degraded joints and cracks. The penetrating water erodes the soils behind the seawall or bulkhead and creates voids. This process removes support for existing structures.

Hydrophobic Polyurethane Soil Stabilizer and Void Filler pumped through tremie tubes 1 to 2 feet below the mudline and to refusal in the voids provides a minimally intrusive solution. This chemically inert product provides 650+ PSF of support for existing structures, seals joints and cracks, and stabilizes surrounding soils preventing further erosion and washout.

WE DO provide the technology, equipment, and experience to restore your waterfront property.

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