Do you just want your cracked and stained concrete to look new again? Do you want it to be beautiful? WE DO both.

During the last twenty years polymer modified concrete has been perfected to allow applications as thin as 1/64" which can be broom finished—your concrete will look new again. Change the mix design, add a custom color, apply the PMC 1/4" thick, stamp with the stone design of your choice, highlight and seal, and you have a beautiful new surface.

These overlays bond tenaciously to existing clean and sound concrete. Durability, even at 1/64", is excellent. Since the overlays are not as porous as the original concrete, they are easier to maintain. Finally, the colors and patterns available are nearly endless.

We began using quad-polymer-modified cement overlays in industrial applications to resurface slabs subject to heavy traffic. The results were so impressive that we expanded into decorative overlays. The definition and texture present in 1/4" stamped concrete closely resembles actual stone, but it is much easier to maintain. In either case, cracked and stained concrete is completely restored.

New concrete can also be stamped to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface that blends with existing architectural themes. Concrete is a versatile, durable, and now beautiful building material. Let us help design your next project.

See Also:
CRACK REPAIR for permanent repair of existing cracks. EXPANSION/CONTROL JOINTS for controlling expansion and contraction of the concrete that causes most cracking.

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