Our objective is to provide the best repair procedure for your application at the best price. At Intron our complete line of concrete repair and restoration techniques, allows us to do just that. Sometimes partial or full-depth removal of in-place concrete is the best long-term solution and the most cost effective.

Removal and replace of existing concrete requires access considerations, protection of surrounding surfaces and equipment, and selecting the demolition technique that will not cause collateral damage. Remaining areas to be addressed are:

    · Removal of concrete from the site
    · Proper soil compaction
    · Placement of dowels to tie new concrete into existing concrete
    · Placement of reinforcing steel
    · Determination of proper mix design for the application
    · Forming methods
    · Proper consolidation, finishing, and curing
    · Joint placement to control expansion and contraction

Removal and replacement of existing concrete requires specialized skills, equipment, and techniques not found in new construction. Providing these specialized skills, equipment, and techniques is what WE DO—don't settle for less.

See Also:
SPALL REPAIR for less than 2" replacement. CRACK REPAIR and EPOXY INJECTION for structural repair of cracks in sound concrete.

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