Deteriorated joints were cited in a recent survey as the "most troublesome" repair problem in warehouses and distribution centers. Damage to equipment caused by the jarring bumps spalled joints produce, is only the beginning of the complaints.

Deteriorated sealant in exterior slabs, can allow rainwater to wash away subsoil until the unsupported area deflects, cracks, and then collapses. Leaking joints in tanks, reservoirs, and containment areas can allow ground water to leach in or the contents to leach out—both can be very costly. Uncontrolled shrinkage cracking degrades the slab and then the subsoil.

Costly deterioration can be avoided by attention to early warning signs: small spalling on edges of joints, joint sealant beginning to pull away from the edges of the slabs, and random cracking in slabs. Maintenance repairs at this point will ensure the long-term integrity of your concrete slabs. Unfortunately, you may inherit severe joint induced deterioration of your concrete slabs—we will provide you with the most economical way to address these repairs—including removal and replacement.

Knowledge of the many sealant materials available, proper installation techniques, proper joint configuration and spacing are critical to developing the correct repair procedure for each unique application. At Intron we have the knowledge, equipment, experience, and personnel to develop and perform the joint repair required.

WE DO ensure that expansion/construction joints, contraction/control joints, and isolation joints perform as designed to preserve your structure.

See Also:
URETHANE INJECTION and WATER INFILTRATION/EXFILTRATION for leaking joints. CRACK REPAIR for random cracking in slabs. CONCRETE REMOVAL/REPLACEMENT for slabs with no hope.

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