When normal settling goes over the edge—underpinning with steel piers can restore a building to nearly original condition. This system increases the foundations load-bearing capacity and provides permanent support.

Symptoms of distress include: difficulty closing doors and windows, cracks in drywall, sloping floors, cracks in brick, gaps around doors and windows, and cracks in the foundation—just to name a few. As little as 1/2" of foundation settlement can cause the distress symptoms we've just named. Rarely are these defects life threatening, but they do not get better or go away—time is not a healer where foundation settlement is concerned. To preserve the value of your property the damage must be repaired.

So why did this happen to you. Excessive settlement can be caused by placing foundations on improperly compacted fill soils or by building on compressible or shrinking soils. In the early 1900s, humorist Will Rogers said, "Buy land cause they ain't makin' much of it anymore." The truth of this statement is hitting home with today's rapid growth. Building on marginal soils has become commonplace. Poor drainage near a building can also contribute to settlement problems. The failure to control drainage results in the saturation and weakening of the surrounding soil causing settlement. In some cases, the supporting soil is eroded and settlement occurs. Plumbing leaks can also cause this type of erosion. Finally, in our area of the country (Florida), sinkholes have been responsible for foundation settlement.

With our foundation support/lift systems inferior soils are no longer a problem. Steel piers are hydraulically driven to load bearing strata. In 2 or 3 days and with minimal landscape disturbance, a structure can be raised enough to close cracks, straighten door frames, and correct other areas of distress.

Our system is so reliable we offer a twenty-year warranty with complete confidence. WE DO provide the support you and your foundation needs—We never let you down.

See Also:
CHEMICAL GROUTING, and URETHANE INJECTION to fill voids after a foundation is raised. SOIL STABILIZATION to improve marginal soils.

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