Epoxy injection is permanent crack repair that is both a structural repair procedure and a structural preservation procedure—keeping good concrete good. Epoxy injection is not limited to repairing cracks in concrete structures. Wood beams have been successfully injected, honeycombs and similar voids are also filled using injection techniques, floor overlays can be rebonded, and loosened metal plates and bolts can be secured.

The quality of workmanship in epoxy injection is critical. No one can see if a crack is completely injected. Intron has the training, equipment, and experience to perform your unique injection application. Surface preparation, method of capping and porting, type of injection resin, injection method and pressure, and results confirmation is formulated for each application. We will work with your engineers and inspectors to achieve your objective.

Vertical, horizontal, or overhead applications, Class A to Class D Cracks, injecting 100 centipoise resins to 20,000 centipoise gels, and low or high-pressure injection are all part of what WE DO to provide total concrete restoration services.

See Also:
SPALL REPAIR for cracks with deteriorated edges. CRACK REPAIR for cracking in horizontal concrete slabs. URETHANE INJECTION and WATER INFILTRATION/EXFILTRATION for leaking cracks.

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