Carbon Fiber Reinforcing Polymer Strips are a proven method of providing structural strengthening that is lighter, non-corrosive, and less labor intensive than the application of steel plate or exterior post-tensioning.

These lightweight carbon fiber strips can provide ten times the tensile strength of steel. This capability of the fiber to carry loads in tension can be used to strengthen against flexure, shear, or compression, depending on how the carbon fiber strips are oriented to the longitudinal reinforcing steel. Carbon Fiber Reinforcing has been used on bridges, parking garages, manufacturing facilities, schools, libraries, public utility structures, just to name a few, for nearly twenty years.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcing is used to correct design defects, correct workmanship defects, support additional load requirements, and retrofit for seismic activity. Load increases can be as simple as adding a new piece of machinery, increasing wheel load, or additional production capacity that increases vibration. Design and workmanship defects will show up as cracking, spalls, and deflected beams.

At Intron we understand the need for the "Design-Build" approach to CFRP installation. We work with engineers who are experienced in the application, testing, and monitoring of carbon fiber strengthening systems. We take advantage of their expertise and they take advantage of our experience. Developing and implementing a strengthening plan for your structure could not be easier.

Restoration of concrete is what WE DO and we are committed to providing the customer with the most durable, long-term solution that is available.

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