Corrosion of reinforcing steel within concrete—that causes spalling and cracking—can be reduced to virtually zero with cathodic protection. You may never need a concrete repair and restoration specialist again. If you are a condominium owner this means the end to expensive and inconvenient restoration projects. If you are in transporation this means bridges are rehabilitated with less disruption and less cost. Parking garage owners can protect their investment indefinitely. All concrete structures benefit from the installation of cathodic protection.

There is a certain mystique surrounding this technology, but in fact, the California Department of Transportation first installed cathodic protection systems on bridge decks in 1973. The technology was cumbersome, but these systems are still operating successfully. While it is a relatively new technology in reinforced concrete, it is an old, well proven technolgy.

Today's cathodic protection systems are much less intrusive and are barely noticeable when installed in existing construction and nearly invisible in new construction. Installations are customized for the application. Existing corrosion, if it is not an aesthetic or structural problem, does not have to be addressed. The cathodic protection system can maintain a metal surface in a corrosive environment without further deterioration for an indefinite period of time.

There are a number of cathodic protection systems available, we will recommend the system that is most effective for your application—costs versus technology. WE DO believe that repair and restoration could be a thing of the past if cathodic protection systems were installed.

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SPALL REPAIR for structural corrosion damage. EPOXY INJECTION to keep sound concrete sound. CRACK REPAIR for maintaining horizontal slabs.

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